BE Irresistible!

Beyond branding, irresistible is that compelling quality which attracts and keeps customers. Irresistible changes visitors into fiercely loyal fans. An irresistible online presence creates communities where folks come again and bring friends as new participants.

Who wouldn’t want more customers like that?

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What’s the Secret to an Online Community?

What’s the secret to a thriving community of fiercely loyal customers? It’s simple really. It’s an irresistible experience — great content designed for folks who’ve been searching to find it. It’s a conversation that turns into a relationship. It’s people telling other people important things, like what they need and what they wish for. Solutions are helpful, not hypeful.

What customers wouldn’t want more companies that sold like that?

Models and Masterminds

Getting irresistible is focusing in on what’s already working for you. When a company gets irresistible intelligent business and personal relationships come together. It’s P&L strategy built on helping your customers. I can help you do that.

Models and Masterminds, the winning format the sparks innovative ideas and deep relationships at the elite business conference, SOBCon, is now available in a modular corporate format. Presentations offer tight-focused content models. Teams work together to build immediately actionable ideas and plans.

Bring the interactive, instructional design of Models and Masterminds to your business or organization as a customized as a half day, whole day, or multiple-day training event. Consider the values that come with that choice:

  • Content customized to your team, organization, or business.
  • Models developed by experienced instructional-design professionals.
  • New team relationships that develop in the shared experience.
  • Clear plans that participants put to action immediately.
  • Modular format that allows single or multiple strands.
  • Liz Strauss on site as speaker or facilitator.

Bring customized models, masterminds, and start the energy and ideas today.

Invite Liz To Speak at Your Event, Work with Your Team, or Design Your Training

Liz’s is versatile, dynamic speaker and storyteller. Her keynotes are packed with information, motivation, and humor. Whether the room is 5, 50, or 5,000 people, for a 15 minute interview or focused presentation, an hour keynote, or a three-hour interactive general session, Liz lives what she teaches – “You’re only a stranger once … be irresistible.”

If you’d like to work with Liz on your business, a meeting, or an event, email or call her directly at 773.619.0371. She’s up early. That’s Chicago – Central Time.

Get Sticky . . . Attention Where You Had None
The Business 4 Business Conference in Salt Lake City, October 22, 2007.

It’s hard enough to get attention. Keeping can seem next to impossible. Do you “get” sticky? It’s that quality that keeps folks coming back to you. We’ll go beyond the branding conversation to how to make your business, using principles that work for your clients’ businesses too.

  • Write unforgettable taglines. Know what makes them stick.
  • Learn the vocabulary and culture of the blogosphere. Become a thought leader by being part of the conversation in the comment box.
  • Create spaces where visitors become fiercely loyal customers who return and bring friends.
  • We’ll wrap those up in the single compelling reason no business can “get” sticky on its own.

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    Does It Work?

    Let’s listen in to what folks have to say.

    “Stuck? Confused? Need clarity? Redefining your vision? No problem. Call Liz Strauss. First of all, working with Liz doesn’t even feel like “work.” It’s play…the way “work” really should feel like. But know this: the work gets done. Quickly. Creatively. Organically. Liz re-focused our company’s vision like a laser beam in short order, in addition to defining our target customer and creating a compelling tag line that definitely starts creating conversations. Oh, yeah. One more thing. Expect unplanned phone calls from Liz. You’ll discover soon enough that she’s noodling away on your challenges all times of the day. When her muse strikes…you’ll be the first to know! Still stuck? Call Liz. Get un-stuck!” July 14, 2007

    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative — Thomas R. Clifford of Moving Pictures

    “Liz has a remarkable ability to identify market opportunities and articulate the strategies and tactics necessary to capitalize on them. Besides knowing her stuff inside and out, Liz is easy to work with, generous, and honest–an exceptional business resource in every sense of the word.” August 2, 2007

    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative — Brad Shorr, Word Sell, Ind,

    “Liz is an amazing out-of-the-box thinker. She has helped me on several occasions with problem solving, strategic planning and branding issues for my growing business. She opened my eyes to critical marketing, design and communication elements I had overlooked or not even thought of and consistently displayed she certainly knows what she is doing-I love her insights, feedback and ideas. I know my business is in a better position today because of Liz. In addition to her many talents, I enjoy Liz’s candor, warm sense of humor and authenticity. Whenever I connect with Liz, via email, phone or face-to-face, I feel encouraged and energized.”

    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative — Derrick Sorles

    What Do the Financial Guys Have to Say?

    I was Liz Strauss’ Group CFO during our time together at the Sundance / Newbridge Educational Publishing Group. My role was to test, vet, endorse and help present business and publishing plans to owners, initially a private equity partnership and later at a corporate level. (Wicks Group of Companies, Haights Cross Communications)

    Liz produced an impressive set of projects and initiatives that met the needs of under-served market segments. She did this on a particularly limited budget. In our hindsight evaluation of the IRR of these projects, she was unique in her rate of return on invested funds. Projects routinely measured a minimum of 30% IRR on investment. Some projects exceeded 100% IRR. Our time together was characterized by rapidly accelerating revenues and even faster accelerating profitability. –David Cruise, CFO, Wicks Group of Companies

    Elizabeth Strauss and I first become business associates when Haights Cross acquired Sundance Publishing in June 1998. . . . The accomplishments I remember most of which Liz was a leader in driving are (1) the transition of the Sundance business from being mainly a distributor of non-proprietary products to a recognized publisher of high quality supplemental educational products, some of which are still selling today (Oct 2007), and (2) the very creative strategy of sourcing product content from oversees educational publishers, modifying it for the US market, all done at a fraction of the cost of creating new proprietary educational products from the ground up.

    Liz hit the mark with nearly all of the new proprietary products that Sundance brought to market in the late 90s. Needless to say, the return on investment for these oversees licensed products was extraordinary given the extremely low cost of development.

    I have always appreciated and enjoyed Liz’s tenacity and direct spoken nature. I think of Liz as a creative thinker to problem solving and/or opportunity pursuit –always thinking both inside and “outside the box”as to best way to approach a problem or opportunity. I believe Liz could be successful at just about anything she sets her mind to. — Paul J. Crecca, President & CEO, Haights Cross Communications

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