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How Blackberry Made Two Strauss Fans With One Torch Phone

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Who Influences the Influencers?

In my most favorite keynote I tell a story about my husband the engineer, Google, and his Blackberry Bold that happened a couple of years back. He was stuck in a loop trying to figure out how to remove flickr from his app set. The brilliant “I’ll do it myself” engineering mind kept reloading earlier versions of the firmware – he wouldn’t use the Internet to find how to do it.

At the peak of his frustration, I Googled uninstall flickr from my Blackberry, got some advice, and he was in business. The smartphone was now back to where he wanted it, but the relationship between man and smartphone was never as emotional as it had once been. They’d had their first conflict and now the infatuation was over. His Blackberry had become a nice gadget — the wonder was gone.

I hated to see that as any married person who travels, texts, and Twitters might. I long for my loved one to enjoy my passions.

Then …

This week at BlogWorldExpo I was privileged to be invited to meet with the people from Research in Motion, the makers of Blackberry and as part of that event, they gave me a Blackberry Torch to take home. (It was a generous gesture. Thank you.) I couldn’t wait to share it with the man I’ve been a huge part of my life with.

He opened the box with some anticipation. With a gadget guy’s delight he held it in his hands turning it this way and that way again and again. He read every word in the documentation. Then he loaded it up with all of his applications. Once the lovely little smartphone was rolling I started tracking what he was saying. Blackberry was back in the game again.

  • This is one powerful machine.
  • It does so much.
  • Love the rotating screen.
  • I’m loving this touch screen.
  • The video is beautiful and it rotates sideways!!
  • It’s the perfect size too. I’ve got my phone in my pocket and don’t even know it’s there.
  • I know this sounds silly, but it smells nice like new cars do — new “gadget smell.”
  • I’ll be on it all day getting information.
  • Can’t wait until tomorrow until I have to call you.

You might have thought it was his birthday, Christmas, and his first promotion. He couldn’t stop talking about it and still can’t wait to bring out at the local pub where we share our dinner / date night with friends. The Blackberry Torch review at Blackberry cool gives the hard details.

It was a fun and beautiful experience to share something that captured his heart and his attention. It’s delicious to bring out the passionate, playful kid in any grownup. I think that the best testimonial might came later in the evening when he said …

The only thing I love more than this Blackberry is my wife.

That caught my attention.

Now Blackberry has two love-you loyal fans in the Strauss house.

Make my family and friends happy and you’re sure to influence me.

Ever use that idea that when you’re trying to influence an influencer?

Be Irresistible.
Liz Strauss

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