No Such Thing as a Perfect Book

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The Not-So-Perfect Book

When you talk to an editor inevitably you will find that he or she old books is trying desperately to make the perfect book.

It takes a while to convince an editor that perfection is in the eye of the beholder –

  • to an editor, a perfect book is one with no language errors
  • to a designer, a perfect book is aesthetically pleasing and user friendly
  • to a sales rep, a perfect book is one that sells and stays sold
  • to the finance folks, it’s one that sells and makes money at the same time
  • to the company president, a perfect book is one that does all of those things
  • to the only one who counts — the customer — it’s a book that meets his or her needs.

There’s no such thing as a perfect book. There’s only a book that serves our customers and the company. If it serves the customer and the company — if it makes their lives easier, faster, or more meaningful and grows the business too — then it’s perfect to me.

That’s the definitive standard for judging the perfection of any product.
Check your best offer against that standard. How is your business doing?

Be irresistible.
Liz Strauss

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