How Curiosity Builds Business

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Are You Curious?

I’m always confused when I meet folks who lack curiosity and say they want to do well in business.

A growing business needs piles of curiosity to challenge the status quo, to uncover the useless assumptions. Without curiosity a business is a bunch of followers with no leaders, no driving energy from within.

Don’t pay attention! Paying attention is not enough!

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it pushes a business to grow.
Don’t just show and tell … ask.

How Curiosity Builds Business

With a few curious questions we can

  • create a bond with another person or an entire audience.
  • demonstrate that we value and respect information, ideas, and insights from other people.
  • focus a discussion.
  • spark other questions
  • incite innovative things
  • learn … or teach
  • signal our confidence, integrity, and trust.

That’s seven ways that curiosity builds business.

Genuine curiosity attracts.
How do you use curiosity to build your business?

Be curious.
Be irresistible.
Liz Strauss

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  • http://twitter.com/ASimpleHomeBiz Alex’sSimpleHomeBiz

    This is not only great for business. Asking questions is a very powerful sales tool which a lot of salespeople don’t use. They memorize a spiel and have a one-way conversation with the customer, hoping to connect in some way. Asking questions engages the other person.

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