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How Curiosity Builds Business

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Are You Curious?

I’m always confused when I meet folks who lack curiosity and say they want to do well in business.

A growing business needs piles of curiosity to challenge the status quo, to uncover the useless assumptions. Without curiosity a business is a bunch of followers with no leaders, no driving energy from within.

Don’t pay attention! Paying attention is not enough!

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it pushes a business to grow.
Don’t just show and tell … ask.

How Curiosity Builds Business

With a few curious questions we can

  • create a bond with another person or an entire audience.
  • demonstrate that we value and respect information, ideas, and insights from other people.
  • focus a discussion.
  • spark other questions
  • incite innovative things
  • learn … or teach
  • signal our confidence, integrity, and trust.

That’s seven ways that curiosity builds business.

Genuine curiosity attracts.
How do you use curiosity to build your business?

Be curious.
Be irresistible.
Liz Strauss

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What’s Your Most Irresistible True Story?

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

More often than not, when I’m speaking to a large audience or a corporate meeting, the topic gets around to visbility, findabilty, getting seen, heard, and understood about all the noise. My answer always centers one compelling question.

What’s Your Most Irresistible True Story?

In answer to the question, I tell the story of Pots and Plants, a plant nursery that served customers in Austin, Texas from 1989 to 2012.

Since 1989, Pat Swanson had collected a flock of Pink Flamingo lawn statues next to his plant store at the corner of Bee Caves Road and Highway 360. It became so famous that it was roadside destination. Though I moved from Austin in 1993, at SxSW in 2010 when I had a chance to test drive the new ‘Vette with @Connie Burke, I made sure we drove out to Pots and Plants — simply so that I could see Connie’s reaction to this.

Pink Flamingos had this to say about the pink flamingos in October 2010.

On occasion the mobs of flamingos are replaced by different (equally numerous) seasonally appropriate displays – penguins, pumpkins, etc. Whatever it is on the day you go, you can be sure there are hundreds. Worth a drive-by.

Why did I take Connie past them? Why did RoadAmerica write about them? The story was unique, interesting, mysterious, and fun to share. So much fun that here I am in 2012, still telling it.

Sadly, I got word that the business, Pots and Plants, was gone and had taken the flamingos with them.

But a quick Google Search shows that Pots and Plants isn’t gone, not really, merely evolved to it’s Internet self. As you can see …
… the story lives on. The url is

Through the story, customers can stay connected to the company who gave Austin a destination filled with flamingos. Those who remember; those who took pictures like I did; those who shared conversations about where the flamingos came from, how the collection got started, what people might do with them — all of those customers and the others who were touched by the sight of mobs of pink flamingos along the highway all became part of the story too. And as part of the story, they were part of the business.

An irresistible story connects us to the people behind the business.
It lets us know they’re our kind of people, the kind we want to work with, even if we’ve never met them.
Those flamingos had meaning to Paul Swanson and defined his business.

What’s your most irresistible story? If you don’t know, ask your most loyal fans.

Be irresistible.

6 Questions to a Powerful Message That Resonates Across the Web

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Do It For the Folks Who Love You

With the advent of social media, it’s easy to lose focus and find ourselves building our marketing initiatives around the newest, biggest, or most popular tools and the coolest, hottest, most talked-about venues. Yet, in a moment of clear thinking, we all know that any message we send is only as strong as the number of right people it reaches at the time that they’re most ready to listen. in fact the goal is not only reaching those ideal people in a way that they’re listening but also willing to act and delighted to share that they did.

6 Questions to a Powerful Message That Resonates Across the Web

Before you fire that great idea, before you tell folks about that perfect offer, use these questions to check that it’s whole, complete and totally about the people you want to listen and pass it one. Use these questions to connect your message with the social media sweetest spot — the heads, hearts, and perfect timing of the ideal customers and fans who can help your resonate through the Internet.

  1. 1. Who are you talking to? Did you make a decision to talk to your most loyal fans? If you want folks to listen, they need to know the message is for them. Talking to everyone is like talking to no one. Every great message is specifically tailored to the listener.
  2. 2. Where are they? If you’re reaching out to your most loyal fans, you know where they are. Those are the places, tools, and the venues where your message will most resonate. If your fans text all day, don’t be tweeting them.
  3. 3. What one thing do you want them to know? We often get so interested in the details of our message that we cover it up with too many marketing words. Trust your fans to appreciate your most simple message delivered in your most authentic way. Talking about what we love to do with enthusiasm is natural — trying to sell our friends is not. Are you saying what you want to say as simply as you can?
  4. 4.What do you want your fans to do? Information is wonderful. Are you telling me to keep me in the loop or do you want me to act in some way? Don’t forget to tell me what you want me to do. Ask.
  5. 5.Why should your most loyal fans care? Take a minute to see things from your fans point of view. People ask us to do things every day and as much as we care about those people, we can’t do all of them and do our own stuff too. Give me a reason to care and to be proud to act on your behalf. Let me know how I’ll live a better life, have more fun, or be a hero if I do what you ask.
  6. 6.How easy did you make it to do what you asked? Package up the action you want so that all it involves is a quick thought and something simple — a click, a shoutout, a retweet, perhaps — that’s filled with tons of satisfaction for sharing it with my friends. The easier and more satisfying you make it to share, the more like it is that folks will.

Building the message is only the first step. Making sure that the message is perfectly tailored and routed to your fans is what makes up all of the rest. I dare to say that if we do the work that would add one more quality step …

Be fun, entertaining, interesting, compelling, creative, surprising, or amazing enough to talk about.

… we might even reach that mysterious inexplicable traction called viral. Do everything for the folks who love what you do. They’ll do the rest.

Can you answer these questions for the next message or promotion that you want to send?

–ME “Liz” Strauss
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