Meet Liz Strauss, founder of SOBCon, the high-touch business summit,
social web strategist, and one of the most thoughtful, prolific bloggers
on the planet. The Top Influencers Alive: 10 Breakout Influencers of 2011

About Liz


Liz Strauss is an opportunity creator, an international business strategist, and keynote speaker. She’s been called the most influential “real-ebrity” on the web. She’s a master teacher, an über-connector, an idea machine with bias toward action.

No one questions that Liz brings a one-of-a-kind authenticity backed with hands-on authority.

Liz speaks softly and carries a lot of street cred.

Brilliant strategy and high return that creates customer relationships is a powerful combination.

FROM her father’s saloon to years in education — across all age groups: pre-school to graduate classrooms from USC to City University London …
THROUGH the conceptualization and execution of an innovative, strategic relationship model that restructured a market and built an international corporate publishing network on four continents …
TO a blog post that became a ground-breaking business strategy summit, and a business that leads entrepreneurs and corporations as they blend the values of traditional business with the speed and reach of the Internet …
LIZ has gained deep understanding of influence, human behavior, community, communication and solid business strategy.
NOW Liz works with corporations and entrepreneurs to create, identify and leverage unique, real-time opportunity.

Strategist, CEO and founder of SOBCon, author of the popular, keynote speaker, storyteller.

Execution is expected. Customer loyalty is a relationship.

Liz defines irresistible businesses as those with great relationships who constantly

  • Remove what customers don’t want.
  • Enhance what customers love.
  • Add something unexpected customers would die for.

You can follow Liz Strauss on Google+, meet her on Facebook, talk to her on Twitter, or find her on any of a number of other social sites.

Irresistible defines Liz.


Liz Strauss at 140 Conf

Recent Recognition

In addiition to the Top 10 Influencer Alive List offered by the Huffington Post, Liz was also named to two Forbes lists: The Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers and “The Top 10 Women Social Media Influencers.”

and as

High on the Forbes List of Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers every year. Among the Top 50 Influencers You Want to Meet in 2014. The highest ranking woman on the Dun and Bradstreet list of The Most Influential Small Business People on Twitter as reported in the Wall Street Journal.

Liz was also honored with the prestigious Titan of Web 2.0 award presented at II World Forum “Communication on Top” in Davos, Switzerland.

Liz’s blog — Liz Strauss at Successful Blog — has been called both a destination and an event. She is known as connector who makes lasting relationships. Her blog has tens of thousands of comments. The WordPress Plugin Liz Comment Counter by Ozh was named in her honor to celebrate her dedication to responding to the readers of her blog.

The innovative business strategy summit SOBCon has gained the partnership of companies such as Citrix – GotoMeeting, GotoWebinar, GMC, GlamMedia, Network Solutions, Intuit, Walmart, Colgate-Palmolive, Allstate, and Klondike Frozen Treats, as well as the attention of BusinessWeek, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the Innovation Initiative of the Kellogg School of Business.

Past Awards and Achievements

Liz is in the Top 100 Social Media & Internet Marketing Bloggers Top 100 Most Influential Marketers of 2008, the 50 of the Most Powerful and Influential Women of Social Media, and NxE’s Fifty Most Influential ‘Female’ Bloggers.

Successful-blog is listed on Alltop Social Media and Alltop Twitterati.